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Editorial 2.14.13

Courtney Mahaffey
SASS Executive Director

As the landscape of our community continues to evolve, the San Angelo Symphony remains dedicated to serving our area through various means including our educational offerings.  Through the joint partnerships of area school districts, our local professional musicians and Region XV, the Symphony’s Education Department seeks “to encourage the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of music while promoting active participation through education of all adults, children and students in West Texas.”

One of our staple services is the Symphony’s “traveling trunks.”   These trunks are large chests that journey into elementary classrooms filled with tactile music items meant to spark imaginations and provide hands-on experience. The trunks include instruments, books, compact discs, games, puzzlers, writing topics and curriculum lessons for teachers. Schools usually keep the trunks for six weeks allowing students ample time to explore and learn as much as they.

Now entering its seventh year, the Music In Literature Program, for grades K-5, provides a wonderful opportunity to expose elementary-age children to the power of music in literature.  The MIL Program pairs elementary schools and professional musicians in an interactive relationship. Not only does the program weave music into the curriculum, but they show teachers how to creatively incorporate components of the arts with the core subject areas of math, English/language arts, science and social studies.  Books included in the Program explore such subjects as cultural music, the life of a composer or musician, diversity, the joys of composing, etc. while offering themes such as overcoming odds, friendship, ethnicity, values and hard work.

Each spring semester, the Symphony offers a Youth Concert appropriate for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Weaving together Classical and Popular music with a child friendly format, the concert also ties in with core academic subjects. This year’s Youth Concert will be March 1, 2013 with concerts available at 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. This year’s concert is entitled “Dancing with the Symphony!” and will feature various dance styles performed by local dancers alongside our orchestra. 

The Symphony is both honored and proud to team with our area educators, local musicians and education professionals as we work in concert to guarantee that our young people are taught the importance of music and art.  The future of the performing arts is vital and there is a responsibility as a community to raise our children with an understanding and appreciation as such.

For more information on any of our educational offerings or possible sponsorship opportunities of these programs, please contact the San Angelo Symphony at (325) 658-5877.

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